Unlocker 1.9.2

This free program overrides Windows and lets you delete locked files from your PC

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    Windows 7 / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 8

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Unlocker 1.9.2
Unlocker 1.8.7

Unlocker is a simple and straightforward program that lets you manipulate locked files.

Windows lets applications and processes lock files as a protective mechanism. This avoids corrupted data, unsaved data and so forth. Nevertheless, files are sometimes locked erroneously or an application doesn’t unlock a locked file due to a bug or a crash. Normally, you’d have to reboot Windows to rectify this situation, but with Unlocker, you can force the unlocking of the file in question.

Once a file is unlocked, you’re free to delete it as well as rename it or move it. Unlocker doesn’t just work with files but directories as well. It handles deep directory structures, long file paths and more. The program is also very user-friendly. Even casual Windows users will have little trouble unlocking files.

A big part of this ease of use is integration with Windows and Explorer in particular. There’s no need to load the program or run a special process. You simply right-click on a locked file and choose Unlock. Most unlocking operations will complete in the blink of an eye. If a process requires noticeable time, such as when unlocking a deep directory of folders and files, Unlocker give you an accurate progress bar.

Unlocker has an automatic update component that starts with Windows. It checks for a newer version and invites you to download it. If you choose to do so, it downloads the new version, installs it and then, restarts Unlocker. There are no downsides to Unlocker. The program sets out to do one task, and it manages to that task very well and in a reliable manner.

It’s worth mentioning that Unlocker can lead to program and even Windows instability in the hands of a careless user, but this isn’t a problem with the tool itself. Additionally, Unlocker sometimes offers installation of toolbars that some may consider bloatware or even spyware, but since you have to opt in to that installation—as opposed to opt out—we deem it inoffensive.


  • User-friendly
  • Integrates with Windows
  • Delete, move and rename locked files


  • None

If you have ever had a program on your PC that you couldn't remove, Unlocker can help. Whether it was an accidentally downloaded program, spyware or a rogue search program, there are times when you want to remove a file. Sometimes, files cannot be removed by going to the control panel and deleting or uninstalling. An error message will say the user needs permissions, the file is in use or the action can only be done by a system administrator.

Small File Size

It does not matter what message is displayed, Unlocker can remove the files easily. The Unlocker software program is small, so it will not take up a lot of disk space. Many times, the reason you might want to clean out your programs is that you need the extra space. A small addition that assists in cleaning up your hard drive's disk space is a smart idea.

Easy Configuration

In fact, configuration is unnecessary. The Unlocker only has one job on your PC. It has to remove files. There are no options to choose when downloading Unlocker. It downloads quickly and easily so you can use the software immediately.

Choose Unlocker

After downloading the Unlocker program, open up your control panel and find the file you want to delete. Simply right click on the file and choose the option for removal by Unlocker. You could bypass the standard uninstall option if you wanted and always choose to delete using Unlocker.

Delete or Move

When you choose the Unlocker option, the software will give you a few choices. You can delete the file completely, which removes it from your PC. You could choose to rename the file, or you could move it to another place on your PC, like the recycle bin.

If you can complete the removal, Unlocker will run the next time your computer is turned on or restarted. Computers can often freeze when performing tasks for no reason. Unlocker will pick up where you left off in the process.


  • No long configurations to perform
  • Ready to use as soon as it is downloaded
  • Removes problem files


  • Cannot be personalized to perform tasks

Unlocker is a simple software program that performs one important task and nothing more. It is an essential task for aggressive files that cannot be removed from a Windows PC.

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